Ficus Tree Care
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How to Take Ficus Tree Care?

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Ficus Tree Care

Ficus tree have hundreds of species, one very popular amongst them is the Ficus Benjamin, which is an indoor plant. Weeping fig tree is another name for Ficus Benjamin. It is considered to be a decorative plant that we can trained using the bonsai methods. Ficus tree care is an essential task, since the ficus trees are very sensitive at the same time they have mood changes. This all depends on the kind of care a person have on the tree.

To provide excessive light or perhaps too less light, excessive water or less water, to move the ficus tree position slightly, all this will result in ficus dropping the leaves, which it usually does even at a minor environmental change. Hence, a very crucial thing that needs to be considered to deal with the positioning of the tree.

Useful Hints for Ficus Tree Care 

Watering for Ficus Tree care

Ficus tree care is incomplete without understanding the watering of the plant. Several people over water the ficus tress, which results in leaves to change their colors. While performing ficus tree care, a person needs to always insert the finger into soil, in order to understand the degree of moistness. If soil remains moist for few inches at the top, then the ficus tree does not require water. But if, the soil is dry, it is in need of water. One useful tip of ficus tree care is to observe the leaves color, if they are turning yellow then stop watering, since yellow leaves signifies that the tree is probably over watered.


Ficus tree requires a humid climate to grow and majority of the homes lack in providing sufficient humidity. You need to mist the tree many times in a day, so as to endow the tree with stimulated humid. Humidity tray can alternatively be used to grant humidity to the ficus tree. The tray is usually a kind of planter saucer that is occupied with gravel, in order to gather the extra water. The water filled in the tray gets evaporated just around the tree and thereby, creates humidity required for ficus tree.

Light and Fertilizer

Ficus needs a filtered, vivid source of light, the one avoiding direct exposure to sun. The vital part is fertilizing, which needs to be done every month in the crucial growing season. Do not use fertilizers in winters.


Ficus tree care requires lots of patience and diligence, especially during the winters. Do remember to check the moisture levels before watering. In addition, also check the light levels and the humidity condition. Make use of a water meter for determining the moisture levels present in the soil, if unable to do it on own.