Euphorbia Tirucalli

Euphorbia Tirucalli

Euphorbia Tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’ (Fire Sticks) Euphorbia Plants The Euphorbiaceae which has been described in the present text in detail. Bentham and Hooker have included the Euphorbiaceae along with other eight families including Urticaceae and Casuarinaceae in their seventh seriesthe Unisexuales of class Dicotyledones, and division Monochlamydeae or Incomplete. Engler and Prantl have comprised […]

Bromeliad Care Instructions
Bromeliads Flowering Plants

What are the Bromeliad Care Instructions?

Instructions for Bromeliad Care Ideal indoor plants, the have long continuing inflorescence, colorfulness, and adapts to its environment. Considering that the bromeliad plant don’t have widespread roots, fairly small pots are sufficient. These plants can mature to sizes of 28-36 inches in width. The following bromeliad care instructions are relatively simple and easy to follow. With […]